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Are you looking for activities to strengthen the eye muscles using visual scanning exercises?

Look no further! This visual tracking workbook helps kids, students and adults who need to increase their visual processing and visual tracking skills. These skills are the building blocks of reading and writing. The book encourages the reader to do eye tracking by making them read from left to right and top to bottom.

About the item:

The activities in the book fall under these categories:

1. Visual Discrimination
2. Visual Scanning
3. Visual Tracking
4. Visual Closure
5. Visual Memory
6. Visual-Spatial Processing
7. Visual Form Constancy

Features of the book:

  • Large Print
  • Large size (8.5 * 11 inches)
  • Multiple activities with different complexity
  • Matte cover

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Visual Tracking Workbook: Exercises to Practice Scanning, Perception, Discrimin

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