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Visual tracking is the ability of the human eye to focus on an object and to follow its movement. Practising the skill of fast, accurate and smooth tracking can improve cognitive skills of reading, paying attention and remembering.

This book is a valuable aid for teachers, therapists, tutors, parents and students.

It helps preschool children to improve perception, attention to detail and focus time required for future successful reading and writing.

It is suitable for school age students who have problems with reading, focusing, perceiving and remembering patterns, skipping letters and numbers and letters reversals, particularly for schoolers with dyslexia.

It can be used by individuals of any age who aim at improving processing, focusing, scanning and perceiving skills.

The book consist of:

  • exercises 1-16: pictures, level easy and medium
  • exercises 17-36: numbers and letters, level medium and hard
  • bonus exercises 37-44: sequences, level extra hard
  • progress chart: 4 pages

Visual Tracking Practice: Exercises for improving cognitive skills: reading, pa

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