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 A retentive and accurate memory plays one of key roles in human life. Not only it gives the opportunity to benefit from the past experience, but it is also essential in daily life. Remembering addresses, dates, passwords, important numbers or lists is a skill used countless times every day.

Scanning and identifying items, tracking objects, focusing and paying attention to details, utilizing the eye-hand coordination are examples of numerous visual skills we use every day. They are essential in our usual functioning and necessary to perform our daily activities.

Memory and visual skills can be practiced and developed through exercises and the aim of this workbook is to improve both of them thanks to multiple tasks included in the book. The essence of each exercise consists in remembering an item or a sequence and then finding it while scanning the material given.

This book can be used by individuals of any age who aim to improve their memory and visual skills. It is also suitable for teachers, therapists, tutors and parents who help patients or students develop or master the abilities of remembering, perceiving and focusing.

It includes exercises of different levels of difficulty. The easiest task can be done by young children as they focus on finding one item like a picture or a shape. The most difficult exercises require remembering sequences of digits or letters upright or rotated and are intended for advanced learners.

The book contains:
  • a manual (How to use this book?)
  • 65 exercises of three different levels of difficulty
  • 4 pages with progress chart
  • pages for notes

Remember, scan and find: Exercises for improving memory and visual skills

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