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A Fun Activity Book for Kids to Teach Your Children Critical and Logical Thinking While Having Fun!

Are you looking for a fun and educational workbook for your kids?

Do you want to teach your kids critical thinking using exciting logic puzzles and games?

Yes? We’ve got just the book for you!

Kids learn best through games. They need to go through an experience to adopt knowledge. Simply telling them how to think won’t work. You need to let them find out themselves through fun examples. This is where games and puzzles come in.

Activity books of all kinds are great for children’s development. They are proven to boost self-confidence and attention span. Kids learn to focus and they acquire discipline. All these skills come in handy later in life, especially in school.

This activity book is focused on developing critical and logical thinking for kids. There are a bunch of carefully designed games and puzzles with interesting drawings. Your kids will be entertained for hours, all while learning how to think and solve problems!

Here’s what you get in this book:

  • Kid-Friendly Fun: All games and puzzles are designed with the developmental needs of ages 4-8 in mind
  • 5 Exciting Chapters: Puzzles are organized by theme, from jungle fever, spacewalking, and pirate ships to city adventures and Jurassic park
  • 80+ pages: Full of original drawings and different games including mazes, counting, patter-spotting, and finding missing pieces
  • Answer Keys: All games come with hints and answers to help your kids out if they get stuck on a puzzle

There’s a lot of activity books out there, but with this one, your child will get hours upon hours of educational fun! Plus, there are so many different interesting games that they will never get bored with this book!

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Logic Puzzles for Kids Ages 4-8: A Fun Educational Workbook To Practice Critica

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