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 Help kids ages 4 to 6 give their brain a workout with 50+ challenging logic puzzles

These mind-bending brain games and logic puzzles for kids will keep young minds engaged and learning while having tons of fun!

Featuring more than 50 brain games that come in 7 varieties—including sequencing, patterns, analogies, and inferences—this collection of logic puzzles make it fun for your little brainiac to build their critical thinking skills.

This standout among puzzle books features:

  • Challenging puzzles—Kids will stay engaged with tough but fair puzzles, as well as prompts that let adults get involved, too!

  • Chances to learn—Help your little one build their brainpower as they learn to recognize patterns, understand analogies, and more.

  • Colorful images—Keep their eyes on the page with puzzles featuring tons of adorable and colorful illustrations.

Get youngsters away from screens and focused on brain-boosting fun with this book of logic puzzles for kids.

Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids: Fun brain games for ages 4 & up

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