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Brand: Cousper
Color: Blue+pink
Material: Plastic
Recommended Uses For Product: School, Home
Included Components: Stylus

Eye protection and safety: This 10-inch flexible and colorful LCD writing tablet for kids and toddlers protect children's vision and reduces glare. The pad has a battery fixed with screws to prevent children from accidentally eating it
Educational learning toy: The writing tablet could be the best companion for your kids to draw and start writing the alphabet. The doodle board has pressure-sensitive technology to provide a clear and smooth writing experience. It is easy to graffiti and take notes, improving children's concentration and cultivating children's painting hobbies. It also fosters creative thinking
Easy to use: Kids can easily learn to use. The writing tablet features a stylus and elastic tether, making it easy to write without losing your stylus. Press the one-click-erase button to clear all the content. You can also lock the writing content to prevent accidental deletion, making leaving messages for family members convenient
Environment-friendly: These kids' drawing tablets can be used for writing 100,000 times, avoiding dust and chemical pigments, saving paper and causing no more mess at home. The doodle board for toddlers (ages 3-8) comes with a built-in battery that has a six-month lifespan and is easy to replace
Durable and portable: The toddler writing table is made of durable and safe plastic that can withstand drop damage when used by kids. The drawing tablet is only 150 grams and can be put in a school bag. It can be used at home, school, car, airplane, and church, so you don't have to carry a notebook, pencils, and crayons

Cousper LCD Writing Tablet, 2 Pack 10 Inch Doodle Board Toys for Toddlers Kids,

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