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Vision - Your Most Valued & Most Complex Sensory System

When it comes to the complexity of your visual processing system, there are many questions so we have the many answers!

Informational Videos from the College of Vision Development

Before we go to far... We should probably start at the beginning.
What level of vision are babies even born with? Technically?   ... None 

That's right.  Your ability to build the virtual reality that you HOPEFULLY build to be accurate with reality requires roughly 20 Visual Skills and 20/20 is only ONE of them. 


These skills take 13 years to fully master (walking only takes 2), and since we didn't need all of these skills to be fully developed in order to perform at our best 100 years ago, learning how to fully develop them is not high on your brain's list of priorities, so deficiencies are VERY COMMON. 

As in 30% of the general population and over 50% of brain injury (concussion, COVID long haulers, stroke, etc.).

One study by ophthalmologists actually found that 56.2% of the college students in the study had a visual processing deficiency or binocular vision dysfunction (BVD)

So in summary, these are incredibly complex skills that:

  • we are NOT born with

  • are neurological  visual processing skills

  • are required to process all of the data our eyes deliver to our brain

  • we do not need to survive... so are very frequently not fully developed

  • we NEED nowadays to reach our full potential with increased information to learn, calculations to perform, complex problems to solve, and data on screens to process (which actually require more energy than printed data)

  • can be delayed in development and even damaged and with too much near screen time (laptop, computer, tablets, smart phones)

  • are LEARNED skills that can be relearned at ANY AGE with the use of specially designed equipment and guidance... we call it "Vision Therapy" or "Vision Rehabilitation"

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