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Dr. McCartin's Favorite Things in Therapy and...
at Her Home.

For years now, I have had the pleasure of treating countless patients of all ages.  Throughout therapy sessions and evaluations, I have then gone on to recommend books, games, and toys that I've not only used with patients of all ages, but also with my own children at home as I work to provide them with every opportunity to develop their skills.  So after years of asking, here are my favorites.  Here are things that I have personally purchased for therapy and my home.  I hope you find as much enjoyment out of them as my patients, my children, and I have.


Toys, Toys, Toys.
If it improves skills, I don't consider it a toy, it's a tool for development.
Just don't tell your kids that. ;-)

Games/Equipment: Used in Therapy

Books: Used in Therapy

Books: Welcome to My Home
Here are just a lot of books my children (baby until now) and I absolutely loved and hope you do too.

Arts/Crafts: Welcome to My Home
Have I mentioned that I love hands on & creative toys/books?

Get Outside: Welcome to My Back Yard
As I tell all of my patients... get. out. side!

Oh Baby, Things I Got My Little Ones

This was a fun trip down memory lane.  Congrats on your little one! Enjoy the wonder and absolute magic of watching them grow and learn.

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