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Good Vision Requires More than just 20/20


At Performance Vision Therapy, we use the newest technologies in our therapy to treat various visual disorders and to train athletes like the professionals train.


About Your Vision - It's Much MORE than 20/20


When we think of our "vision" we often think of the role of our eyes and stop there, however, the majority of the work providing you with your "vision" is actually done by the Visual Processing System involving multiple parts of your brain and not your eyes! The eyes are like 2 cameras that must work together perfectly to record a 3D movie, but there's much more work going on behind the scenes.

Seeing 20/20 is only one of the 17 visual skills needed to function in our everyday environments.  A problem with just one visual skill can lead to frustration and struggling at work or school. 

The visual demands of the classroom, studying at home, and in performing our everyday tasks require flawless coordination between the two eyes.  They must work together as a perfect team and always be aiming and focusing on the same thing.  If improperly aimed or if a child or adult has a deficiency in bringing their eyes in together to read or out together to see a distant object, double vision will occur.  Problems with the focusing system can lead to blur.  

More than 20/20
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